About us

The Story of Genie Delivery

A friendship that created the perfect mix of IT knowledge merged with financial know-how allowed two entrepreneurs to start a business that makes a real difference in the app delivery industry.


The modern consumer wants to be able to purchase food, clothes, and various items without leaving the comfort of their home. Be it for a family reunion, or just because it’s the weekend and you want to stay in, Genie provides the convenience and speed that you want and need.


We have an endless database of retail partners that ensure you can find anything you need and have it delivered right to your home. This is a truly undeniable shop-to-door service that is taking Brisbane by storm.


Our riders share the passion for delivery that comes from their love for outdoor activities and the endless adventures that come from riding all over Brisbane. You can always expect to open the door and find someone who is happy to deliver what you need.


Cutting-edge technology is implemented into every Genie Application interface and features to guarantee the most powerful experience. With the best development process behind it, you can expect a smooth experience after every purchase.


Genie is here to grant you any shopping wish you have and there is no hocus pocus involved. It is the power of innovative technology and quality services that make Genie the ultimate shop and delivery app solution.


We believe in the importance of giving people the power to regain control of their time with an incredibly seamless experience. Creating a highly efficient, ethical, and accessible delivery system is the core element of this unique and unmatched delivery service.